Open Call  For the 6th time, ART Habens is inviting entries for the competition to find the most interesting emerging worldwide artists.
This year’s edition will focus on a recurrent paradox in contemporary art: the vague and ambiguous but thoroughly entrenched boundaries between the different practices of new media. In particular it will engage with artists dealing with process-driven changes in our society, who pair their observations with new media technologies to produce their art projects. This competition aims to give the impetus and opportunity to artists to work between the boundaries of Contemporary Art.

NEWS  We would like to thank you all for the amazing response to the 6th Edition of our call: selected participants will be notified via email of their status of acceptance by the end of March 2017

ART Habens aims to engage artists, curators and gallerists in conversation about the role of Art in contemporary society. Inspired by the worldwide art scene, we highlight that art is an essential element in our lives: ART Habens reserves a special place to explore these transformations; first, by acknowledging the energy and effort that goes into the creation of art, and second, by investigating the new life a work takes on as it is transferred from artist to world.

Accepted disciplines

Painting ● Fine Art Photography ● Installations ● Video Art ● Performative Arts ● Mixed Media ● Experimental & Digital Media

There are no restrictions regarding the age or nationality of the applicant.  Also groups and collectives are accepted to participate. We do not put a tight limit to the number of works that you can submit since we love to get a wide idea of your artistic production.
Submissions do not require any entry fee  and only selected artists will be required of a small contribution in order to support the independence of ART Habens. If you would like to include more information as well as specific materials, please contact our editorial board: or


The Summer Special Issue is out: you can read the interviews with 9 artists from the international scene that we have selected for this special issue directly on our channel as well as on our new JooMag one 

In this special issue we have focused mainly on installations, especially the ones, to use Brenda Bullock's words, that "impress upon the viewer a sense of self, mirrored through the picture."

FOCUS Required Reading: Net Art gets bodied, by Harry Burke

Johanna Fateman's "Women on the Verge," running in the current issue of Artforum, takes an in-depth and sensitive look at the exhibition "Body Anxiety".

FOCUS  Cyborg Origins: Lynn Hershman Leeson at Bridget Donahue by Kerry Doran

Hershman Leeson has been probing the idea ofcybernetic organism in the inauguration of Bridget Donahue's new gallery space in New York.

Event Blockchain Horizons
Thursday, October 22, at 7pm at the New Museum, 235 Bowery, NYC and livestreamed at
Organized by Rhizome's Artistic Director, Michael Connor, "Blockchain Horizons" convenes artists, critics, and entrepreneurs to discuss the cultural implications of this technology for publishing, licensing, and distribution. In doing so, it treats the blockchain as social fact rather than science fiction. Watch an excerpt on
Conceived by Lars Holdhus and commissioned by Rhizome, the site convenes an online group discussion about the blockchain and proposes applying it to questions of music distribution.
Rhizome’s public programs are made possible, in part, through the support of the Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, the Carolyn K. Tribe Foundation, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the New York State Council on the Arts.

Exhibition  The Hinges of "Reality" Curated by Thomas Osborne

"This exhibition seeks to delve into the immensely dense conflict that is the defining of reality. For many the existential (I'm using this term loosely) question tends to be the utmost important question one asks in today's authority obsessed culture. The exhibit will also display pieces that have to do with how identity is performed and how interactions are made through the medium of the internet. " read it

The new special issue of ART Habens Art Review has been finally released: for this edition we have selected 9 artists from the international scene whose works explore process-driven changes in our society.

Focus  The Flash Artists who Cybersquatted the Whitney Biennial, by Lucas G. Pinhero (Rhizome)

One story of opens at the ElectronicOrphanage (EO) in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

Founded in 2001 by artists Miltos Manetas and Mai Ueda, the now-defunct EO was once a small artist-run project space on Chung King Road, a pedestrian pathway dense with independent galleries and studios. 

Until its demise in 2004, the "Orphanage" remained a stark black cube.


NEWS  Summer 2015 Special Issue released!

For this special edition we had the chance to interview 12 artists from the international scenario whose works establishe an effective combination between conceptual and socio politicised practice, giving birth to a stimulating mix of pure art and deep social engagement.
Their refined multidisciplinary approaches gives life to a process of recontextualization that provides the viewers with an extension of their perceptual parameters, in order to manipulate them, releasing them from their most primordial, limbic nateure.
Overtly playin with the unheimlich nature of gestural movements and sound, as well as traditional brushstrokes and photography, their pieces reveal the tendency to exist in continuum, residing somewhere in our collective memory.
We are particularly pleased to introduce our readers to their multifaceted artistic productions.


Publication  Mainframe Experimentalism

By Bob Myers

"The history of arts computing's heroic age is a family affair in Hannah B Higgins and Douglas Kahn's Mainframe Experimentalism. 
Exhibition  UCSC's Digital Arts and New Media MFA exhibition: NEW ALCHEMY
by Laura Gonzales

"Whatever your gender, your body is politicised in ways you cannot control. If you are female, or gender queer, there is also a fight against power. 

The new special issue of ART Habens Art Review has been finally released: for this edition we have selected 9 artists from the international scene whose works explore process-driven changes in our society.

Byron Rich (USA/Canada)
Gerd Brockmann (Germany/Turkey)
Nevena Vuksanovic (Serbia)
Lizy Bending (United Kingdom)
Zolt Asta (Hungary)
Kosmas Giannoutakis (Austria)
Kate Walker (USA / New Zealand)
Kristina Rutar (Slovenia)
Eric Souther (USA)

Focus  A Scanner, Darkly: On Andrea Crespo's "Polymorphoses", by Anton Haugen
In futurist Ray Kurzweil's early version of the flatbed scanner, angled mirrors feed the image of a document through a series of encoding CCDs.  Constantly reflecting on this imagery, Andrea Crespo's recent solo show "polymorphoses" at Hester in New York evokes an environment of clinical intimacy in its aesthetic and conceptual coherence. Similar to an LED screen or scanner, the digital prints on the four poly voile curtains covering the windows are backlit by the sun. read the complete article

Spring 2014 issue  ison air

  • Sandra Hunter (UK)
  • Gemma Pepper (CH)
  • David Granados (Bel)
  • Jennii Booth (UK)
  • Cecilia Gibson(Chile)
  • Aleksandr Tishov (UK)
  • Marija Gradecak (Slo)
  • Zoita (United Kingdom)

Summer 2014 issueis  on air

  • Nicolas Vionnet  (CH)
  • Scarlett Bowman  (UK)
  • Meike Lohmann (USA)
  • Robyn Ellebogen (US)
  • Kenneth Susynski  (US)
  • Jenny Van Gimst (Ger)
  • Rewot Wint  (Portugal)  
  • Gregory Kramer (UK)

Autumn 2014 issueis on air

  • Geneviève Favre(CH)
  • Maria Vyrra (Greece)
  • Sandra Silva (Brazil)
  • Yelena Tonoyan (USA)
  • Patrick Santos  (USA)
  • John Moran (Belgium)
  • Greg Fraser (UK)
  • Kate Hall  (USA)

Winter 2014 issue is on air

  • Michael Nelson  (USA)
  • Nino Fournier  (CH)
  • John Cairns (UK)
  • Hannah Hiaasen  (USA)
  • Daniel Bourke (USA)
  • Anita Wexler (USA)
  • Craig St.Cyr (Canada
  • Eveline de Lange (UK)

We had the chance to interview 9 artists from United Kingdom, Usa, France and Canada that will be featured in the upcoming special issue.

In this special issue, we have focused mainly on video, and especially the ones that "impress upon the viewer a sense of self, mirrored through the picture."

Focus  Poetry as Practice: Ye Mimi's filmic postcards of street life in NYC, Chicago, and Taiwan, by Harry Burke

The poetry film Was Being Moved? (2011) takes the form of a series of postcards to a "Mr. Parade," interspersed with vignettes of public rituals and street life in Chicago, New York City, and Taiwan. It features music composed and played by Taiwanese musician Yujun Wang.

Through collaging her words and images, she improvises a new landscape, trying to erase the border between poetry and image making. A bilingual chapbook of her poems was recently published by Anomalous Press under the title His Days Go by the Way Her Years (2013). Ye is the author of two volumes of poetry and has exhibited several of her poetry films internationally.

EVENT  Das DING - Objekt und/oder Individuum

Over 1500 anonymously displayed postcard-size masterpieces. Postcards From the Edge is a Visual AIDS benefit show and sale of original, postcard-sized works on paper by established and emerging artists. All works are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. The works are signed on the back and exhibited so the artists' signatures cannot be seen. While buyers receive a list of all participating artists, they don't know who created which piece until purchased.

EVENT  Magic Mirror: in conversation with Sarah Pucill

A great opportunity to gain further insight into the multilayered photographic works and film Magic Mirror by Sarah Pucill that are part of the Nunnery Gallery’s current exhibition Magic Mirror with works by Claude Cahun and Sarah Pucill, forming part of the Nunnery Gallery’s 2015 In Dialogue season, a year-long exploration of partnerships, artistic inspirations and deeply involved relationships between the artist and the muse.

The new special issue of ART Habens is out: you can read the interviews with the artists that we have selected for this special issue directly on our channel

  • Sequin Kay  (United Kingdom)
  • Nikkita Morgan (United Kingdom)
  • Samuel Lee (United Kingdom)
  • Blazo Kovacevic (Germany)
  • Dongwa Lee (United Kingdom)
  • Merryl Custers (Australia)
  • Vilyana Milanova (United Kingdom)
  • Boris Beja  (Sweden)  
  • Allie LItherland (United Kingdom)

OPPORTUNITY Still Life 2016, International Photographic call

Founded in 2004 by photographers, The Center for Fine Art Photography is a nonprofit 501(C)(3) photography organization. We provide support to photographic artists through exhibition, solo exhibition, promotion, portfolio reviews, publication, education and connection to a large community of other artists, curators, gallery owners and photographic professionals.The exhibition is open to all photographers. The Center invites photographers working in all mediums and styles to participate.

The new special issue of ART Habens is out: you can read the interviews with the artists that we have selected for this special issue directly on our channel

  • Harvey Goldman  (USA)
  • Nikkita Morgan (United Kingdom)
  • Lee Clift (United Kingdom)
  • Amit Kestenbaum (Israel)
  • Toban Nichols (USA)
  • Andrea Knetzovic (Germany)
  • Fernanda Vizeu (United Kingdom)
  • Anna Parisi  (Brazil)  
  • Zinka Bejtic (United Kingdom)

The new special issue of ART Habens is out: you can read the interviews with the artists that we have selected for this special issue directly on our channel

  • Tristan Rain  (Switzerland)
  • Chantal van Houten  (Belgium)
  • Jack Clayton (United Kingdom)
  • Lorena Herrero (Spain)
  • Kelci Jun (United Kingdom)
  • Merryl Custers (Australia)
  • Peggah Khashian (United Kingdom)
  • Marcus Carlsson  (Sweden)  
  • Belen Velasco (United Kingdom)

INTERVIEW  Senior specialist in Contemporary Asian Art Heather Russell sat down with New York-based Japanese artist Mariko Mori to discuss her solo exhibition at the Japan Society, Rebirth: Recent Work by Mariko Mori.

New York-based Japanese artist Mariko Mori (b.1967) discussed her solo exhibition at the Japan SocietyRebirth: Recent Work by Mariko Mori. Best known for her performances, installations, and videos, her works focus on alternative interpretations of self and the exploration of space, spirituality, technology, and the various factors that influence the viewer’s perception of identity. 
For this exhibition, Mori has created her own cosmic environment throughout the entire gallery space, complete with 35 multimedia artworks. The artist also discusses her performance related to the sculptural installation Ring,which was created in the indoor garden of the Japan Society.

Curated by Elizabeth De Leon

"My inspiration for this project was Danah Boyd's idea of "Identity Performance" and how identity can be expressed online through text, image, audio and video. Identity as a form of self expression has, over time, succumbed to society's stereotypical notions of what the "perfect" identity should be.  First of all, what does the politics of identity entail? How a person looks, acts, or what a person does. These notions are constantly changing and what today may be considered as beautiful and is excepted, tomorrow it may be rejected. "

Special thanks to Tristan Rain, Chantal van Houten, Jack Clayton, Lorena Herrero, Kelci Jun, Merryl Custers, Peggah Khashian, Marcus Carlsson, Belen Velasco, Harvey Goldman, Nikkita Morgan, Lee Clift, Amit Kestenbaum, Toban Nichols, Andrea Knetzovic, Fernanda Vizeu, Anna Parisi, Zinka Bejtic,  Sequin Kay, Nikkita Morgan, Samuel Lee, Blazo Kovacevic, Dongwa Lee, Merryl Custers, Vilyana Milanova, Boris Beja, Allie LItherland, Tracey Snelling, Charlotte Seegers, Brenda Bullock, Gabriella Sonabend, Caroline Monnet, Gregg Biermann, Christopher Marsh, Adam Popli, Tabassom Habibzadeh, Michael Nelson, Nino Fournier, John Cairns, Hannah Hiaasen, Daniel Bourke, Anita Wexler, Craig St.Cyr, Eveline de Lange, Geneviève Favre Petroff, Maria Vyrra, Sandra Lima e Silva, Yelena York Tonoyan, Patrick Santos, John Moran, Greg Fraser, Kate Hall, Nicolas Vionnet, Scarlett Bowman, Meike Lohmann, Robyn Ellenbogen, Kenneth Susynski, Jenny Van Gimst, Rewot Wint, Gregory Kramer, Sandra Hunter, Gemma Pepper, David Granados, Jennii Booth, Cecilia Nercasseau Gibson, Aleksandr Tishkov, Marija Gradecak, Zoita, Jeff Scofield, Thomas Marcusson, Alexandra Kononova, Gregoire Devin, Dider DuCastel, Elliot Hall, Nour Refaat, Astrid Bryder, Dalia Smaizyte, Darcia Labrosse, Emilia Maryniak, Gregor Schlatte, Jeffery Richards, Jonathan Goldman, Anna Maria Amato, Byron Rich, Otilia Goodhind, Marta Daeuble, Verena Zangerle, Meike Lohmann, Alexandra Vainshtein, Felicity Tchorlian, Wanbli Gamache, Hiko Uemura, Lukas Adolphi, Yanir Shani, Krzysztof Slachiciak, Yintzu Huang, Austeja Laurinaviciute, Byron Rich, Gerd Brockmann, Nevena Vuksanovic, Lizy Bending, Zolt Asta, Kosmas Giannoutakis, Kate Walker, Kristina Rutar, Eric Souther, Marija Gradečak, Maria Vyrra, Stefan Nenov, John Moran, Carles Pamies, Darcia Labrosse, Melissa Spiccia, Natalie L, Marta Djourina, Sercan Gundocar, Danhua Ma, Shu Jung Chao, Meritxell Audemes Moliner, Jonathan Goldman, Cybil Scott, Allison Kotzig, Helen Roberts, Lindy Marquez, Harsha Biswajit, Sherrelle Munns, Emilia Maryanik and Yidan Xie.